Wpx Hosting Review 2021, Is It Worthwhile Enough?

Introduction of WPX Hosting

A website is all about its ability to load in less time. The more your website loads fast, the more does your website succeeds. This is a well-known fact that is prevalent in setting up a business.

But, what is the main thing which plays a vital role in running the website? The answer is a hosting service that can help enhance the overall activity of the site along with its loading speed. 

Let us know about one such hosting service that is a well-known service in the market. Created by Terry Kyle, WPX hosting was lost in the year 2013.

The main objective of this hosting service is to provide an effortlessly fast loading website to users. Let us know more about WPX hosting with the help of this WPX hosting review:

wpx home page

Key Features of The Hosting:

Let us focus on some of the key attributes of the hosting here with the help of WPX review 2021:

Storage Type:

The storage type of any website hosting service matters a lot when it comes to building a site that is highly optimized and has a great storage capability.

When it comes to WPX hosting service then you don’t have to worry about its storage capacity as this hosting service offers SSD storage capacity to its users.

SSDs or solid-state drives are more robust in comparison to the old hard disk drives which were used by hosting services earlier.

SSD helps in storing the data of the website and runs on servers which further and hence is the overall speed of the hosting service as well as the website.

So it can be said that in comparison to the traditional HDDs, SSDs are more reliable, faster and offers overall performance to the website. 

By providing SSD storage type to its users this hosting website and shows that you get a fast and reliable website for your brand or business.



Speed is definitely that one attribute that you should look at before purchasing any kind of website hosting service because all that Matters for your website is a high speed and less loading time of your website’s pages.

WPX hosting service and chose to provide you a high-speed website with ads 45% fast loading website speed than any other hosting service that is available in the market. It takes less than 30 seconds to load a strong-coded website page. Which indeed is quite fast.

What Developer Tools They Provide:

wpx features

WPX hosting services offer a varied range of developers tools to build a fast and reliable hosting website.

This hosting service offers strong server locations with the help of which you can get an assurance of an Uptime guarantee as with its multiple servers it is going to keep up your site always online.

It offers free CDN, Cloudflare CDN, MaxCDN, LiteSpeed, DDoS protection, and so on.



Looking for the uptime guarantee of a hosting service provider is something that you should focus on while selecting a hosting service for your website.

The more available your site is on the Internet the more chances are the success of your website.

Your site should be accessed by every visitor whenever the visitors feel like to attract them to buy services or products from you.

Good uptime provided by any website hosting services 99% means that your website will be available 99% of the time on the Internet and will be able to have full access as well.

With WPX hosting service you will be able to get an uptime guarantee of 99.95% which is pretty much high and this and shows that you will be able to get a website that is available on the internet more than 99% of the time.

Daily WordPress Website Backups:

As part of their service, WPX hosting will back up your website on a daily basis. For increased protection, the backup files are stored on a separate server and are kept for 14 days.

There’s no charge for backup retrieval should something go wrong.

You can also use your own backup solution including plugins like BackupBuddy or BackWPup and store the files yourself.


How This Hosting Perform:

Let us know more about this hosting service by knowing in detail whether WPX hosting is beneficial for Small Business Site or Big Business Site with the help of this WPX hosting review:

For small Business Site:

When you are thinking of setting up a small business website there are some things that you require from a website hosting service.

First of all, it should be affordable for you. Secondly, it should offer features so that you don’t have to buy tools from other sites. And most importantly the uptime speed should be high to provide high availability to the website.

WPX hosting service offers every feature that a small website requires. So if you look from this perspective then WPX hosting service is best for small business websites.


For Big Business Site:

When it comes to big business websites there are some key points that you need to focus on. The hosting service provider should make your website strong enough to not let any included attack the sensitive data of your website.

The website should have a fast loading speed to ensure that the visitors who visit your website are engaged and helps in generating revenue for your website.

And the website hosting service should offer features that will help in enhancing the overall performance of a website more with the help of some great developer tools.

WPX ensures that you get all features and tools in one hosting service provider which is highly secure and reliable.

So, WPX hosting best for both small as well as big business websites.

Hosting Plans:

Let us know about the hosting plans that are offered by WPX hosting here with the help of WPX hosting review 2021:


WPX hosting provides three types of WordPress Hosting Plans. They are Business, Professional and Elite

wordpress hosting plans


This plan starts with a monthly charge of $20.83. The features offered in this plans are:

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 5 websites
  • 100 GB Bandwidth



This plan starts with a monthly charge of $41.58. The features offered in this plans are:

  • 15 websites
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 200 GB Bandwidth


This plan starts with a monthly charge of $83.25. The features offered in this plans are:

  • 35 websites
  • 40 GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Pricing Tables For All The Plans:

WordPress Hosting:

Name of the PlanspaceBandwidthPrice
Business  10 GB100 GB$ 20.83
Professional20 GB200 GB$ 41.58
Elite 40 GBUnlimited$ 83.25

Hosting Performance:

Let us focus on the overall performance of the WPX hosting service:


As we discussed earlier, the speed of any website matters a lot to generate good revenue from the website.

WPX hosting service ensures that you get high availability of your website as much as possible with its 99.95% uptime guarantee.



Backup of any site is of foremost importance to find out the exact stand on the website.

Your visitors visit your site daily, how much time is the spending on the website, is your site increasing the number of visitors or not can be easily found out with the help of the backups.

With WPX hosting, you will be able to get daily backups of your site with just one click this will help you in identifying the flaw of your website and also work upon them to generate more revenue.



The more reliable your site is the more visitors will it attract.

Every intruder, virus, and Malware is there present on the Internet to attack your website’s privacy so it is important to focus on a hosting service provider that ensures the full security of your website.

WPX hosting service offers DDos protection to its users to ensure that the sites of the users are safe from any kind of Malware or virus.



WPX provides 24*7 customer support to its users to ensure that its users are away from any kind of problem which they may face during setting up their websites.

WPX hosting offers technical support via live chat to its users which makes it for users convenient to ask queries at any given moment.

So you don’t have to worry about hiring a technical expert to maintain your site as WPX hosting service technical support team will be always there to help and guide you.



The loading time of WPX hosting is around 1.97 seconds which is indeed a great website loading time and can be said as unbeatable in comparison to other similar hosting services.


Extra Features:

Let’s throw some light on the extra features that are offered by the WPX hosting service with the help of this WPX hosting review 2021:



SSL certificates are of great importance when it comes to ensuring that your website is free from any kind of attack from intruders.

Visitors have faith in the website that is fully equipped with security searches a website integrated with SSL certificates.

If your site has HTTPS protocol then it provides a clear message to the visitors that your website is safe and secure.

This is the very reason why the WPX hosting service offers SSL certificates to its users.


Cloudflare Support:

Knowing the importance of Cloudflare support WPX hosting service offers CDN support to its users.

CDN support is of great importance which helps in delivering the content of the website faster this further helps in ensuring that the loading time of your website is fast and reliable.

WPX hosting service offers CDN support and third-party CDN support such as MaxCDN and KeyCDN to its users.


cPanel Support:

cPanel support helps in maintaining the server of your website ensuring the availability of your website. WPX hosting offers cPanel support to its users through which users can migrate or transfer servers with great ease. 


Pros & Cons:

Let us know more about the pros and cons of WPX hosting with the help of WPX review 2021:



  • WPX hosting provides 24-7* 7 customer care support to its users.
  • It offers an uptime guarantee of 99.95%.
  • WPX hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users.
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.


  • In comparison to other similar web hosting services, this is relatively new in the market.
  • It doesn’t offer Customer Support through call and email.

Overall Ratings According to Us:

dog care by wpx

Here is what we think about WPX Hosting Service:

  •  Uptime: *****
  •  Features: ****
  •  Support:***
  •  Pricing: ****
  •  Ease of use: *****

Summary of The Hosting:

In the end, we can put it in writing that WPX hosting service is worth a try as it offers reliable and fast features that will help in building a website that is fully secure as well as optimized.

WPX hosting provides various free tools that are hard to get in most of the other hosting services.

Apart from this, WPX hosting service offers affordable prices for its plans which will help you in getting a hosting service and a website that is fully equipped, optimized, and pocket-friendly.

Also, the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by WPX hosting service is also a worth considering point as you can get a refund from the hosting service if you are not satisfied with the service. 

While not a huge deal, the one weak spot with WPX Hosting is its dashboard.

While functional, I don’t find it to be as user-friendly as other managed WordPress hosts, and it doesn’t offer quite as many tools as other premium managed WordPress hosts.

So here we are at the end of this informative and honest WPX hosting review 2021. We hope that the blog has helped you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you solve your queries further:

1.Is PHP 7.0 Supported by WPX hosting service?

Yes, PHP 7.0 is supported by WPX hosting service to enhance the overall speed of the website.


2.What are the steps to transfer the domain to WPX hosting?

Here are some easy steps that you need to follow to transfer your domain to WPX hosting:

  1. Go to the official site of the WPX hosting service and choose the ‘domains” option available on the “plans and pricing” category.

      2.Next, search your domain name on the search bar and the “transfer” option available there.

  1. At the domain name that you wanted to select on the card and click on the “continue” option.
  2. Confirm the EPP code and proceed with the payment to complete the transfer process.


And tada you have successfully transferred the domain!

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